What Are Those Things At The Dentist’s Office? (Dental Tools)

What Are Those Things At The Dentist's Office? (Dental Tools)

About every six months, you should see your dentist for an exam and oral hygiene appointment. Professional dental cleanings are standard practice, and some people don’t give much thought to what happens when their dental hygienist is busy brushing. To others, appointments with a dentist can be intimidating, in part because there are so many machines and tools we are unfamiliar with.

Learning more about dental tools is actually fun and important. While dental tools can seem intimidating at times, with a little detailed explanation you will quickly realize they are all designed to prevent pain and give you the cleanest, healthiest mouth possible. Below, Sisko Dentistry will explain the dental things or tools found in our office. 

Basic Dental Tools 

People who have cleaned their teeth can recognize some instruments at a glance. Dental mirrors are designed to fit comfortably in your mouth and show your dentist every corner of your mouth. The tools dentists use to clean and examine teeth include a variety of probes, scalers, curettes, and other tools that may seem intimidating but are equally useful, controllable, and comfortable for the patient and for dentists to use.

Digital Technology Found In A Dentist’s Office

Finally, you may also have some x-rays taken during your routine visit. Your dentist will cover you with lead to protect you from radiation.  Dental radiographs are an essential preventative diagnostic tool, providing valuable information not seen during normal dental examinations. Dentists and dental hygienists use this information to safely and accurately detect hidden dental abnormalities and develop accurate treatment plans. Problem areas may go undetected without x-rays and lead to serious oral complications.

Digital radiography (digital x-rays) is the latest technology for taking dental x-rays. This technique uses electronic sensors (rather than X-ray film) to capture digital images and store them on a computer. The image can be viewed and magnified instantly, helping dentists and dental hygienists identify problems more easily. Digital X-rays reduce radiation by 80-90% compared to the already low exposure of traditional dental X-rays. Additionally, since digital images are captured electronically, there is no need for developing x-rays, which avoids releasing hazardous waste and chemicals into the environment. Although digital x-rays produce low levels of radiation and are considered very safe, we take necessary precautions to limit our patients’ radiation exposure.

Dental Tools For Bigger Problems

If you are doing more than just regular cleaning, you are likely to see more tools. For example, if your dentist sees something he doesn’t like on an x-ray, you may be asked to make a mold that you bite into a liquid that hardens to make an impression of your entire mouth or specific parts. This allows your dentist to see the exact problem with your teeth more clearly so they can make the best treatment options for you.

If the procedure can be very painful, you may need a local anesthetic injected directly into your gums with a syringe. With this anesthetic, you can go through the entire procedure painlessly, which makes your dentist’s job easier and ensures you don’t suffer.

Dental drills often make patients nervous, but their purpose is completely harmless. It can be used to remove cavities to fill cavities or to polish teeth after the procedure. The vibration may be uncomfortable, but it won’t hurt your teeth.  Finally, burnishers can be used after the treatment to remove scratches from teeth, leaving them clean, smooth, and looking like new.

Sisko Dentistry has the tools and experience to help you with cosmetic treatments, restorative or general dentistry, and emergency dental care. We also assist clients with diagnosing or treating serious dental conditions such as oral cancer, TMJ disorder, and gum disease. If you are looking for a dental office that has the tools to help you with a variety of dental treatments, contact Dr. Sisko at 330-633-9510 or visit our location in Tallmadge. 


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