Dr. Gerald Sisko Provides Implant Restorative Services in Tallmadge, OH!

At Sisko Dentistry, we believe healthy teeth are the key to beautiful smiles. We are dedicated to our patients’ optimal oral health, and so we offer comprehensive dental implant restorative services at our Tallmadge practice.

Our modern practice provides dental implants as an effective, healthy solution to diseased, injured or missing teeth. Dental implants offer multiple benefits not found in traditional, non-implant supported restorative options, such as dentures and partials.Two Examples of Dental Implant Structure

What Is a Dental Implant?

Implants are a reliable option for patients who find dentures to be uncomfortable and do not have the bone structure to support a bridge. This minimally invasive procedure takes only a few months to complete and provides patients with a natural, beautiful smile. Dental implants function as a prosthetic root, and hold dentures in place with the use of snaps or screws. Implants consist of:

  • Titanium posts surgically placed in the location of the natural root
  • An abutment (or connector)
  • Dentures/crowns composed of composite materials and porcelain.

Dr. Sisko uses state-of-the-art technology to complete the implant restoration procedure at our Tallmadge practice. Working with a trusted oral surgeon, implant restorations are carefully and meticulously planned out with the assistance of detailed digital radiographs, intra/extraoral digital photos, and study models.

Comfort, Health, and Durability in Tallmadge

Patients often discover multiple benefits to dental implants, including:

  • Titanium posts fuse to the bone, creating a stable anchor for new dentures. Everything from biting and chewing, to talking, laughing and smiling becomes easier and more natural.
  • Correct dental function promotes a healthy smile – not only do patients discover they can smile with confidence, but the stimulation caused by using their mouth naturally promotes bone growth and prevents bone loss.
  • The materials used in implant restorations are biocompatible. They are also known for their resiliency and their ability to function like – and closely mimic – a natural tooth. Dental implants last for a long time, and with proper care, can provide patients with a lifetime of smiles!

Each patient is fully informed throughout the entire process, and Dr. Sisko customizes each patient’s treatment plan according to their unique needs and expectations. This thorough approach ensures the patient receives a dental restoration that provides accuracy in fit, full function, and a natural smile.

What You Can Expect with Dental Implants

Following the consultation and assessment process, the doctor uses the latest fast-setting impression material to create an accurate impression. Sisko Dentistry uses domestic lab services that also use only the latest in digital technology; crowns are customized and fabricated on site. Patients recover quickly from implant surgery and are often able to return to work and their daily activities on the same day.

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